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So, what am I s’posed to write about myself here? It seems a bit odd to be talking about myself. My friend Jen (who helped set up this site for me, because she apparently thinks I have things to say ) says I should note I live in Michigan,  (Ohio transplant), that I am an “activist”  and that I am additicted to coffee. It seems a fair assessment. If you ever read this blog you will also note I am a lousy speller.

I guess I will add I am an animal lover.  My two dogs, Bella and Roxy were both rescued. Bella (the one sitting up) from an abusive home and Roxy as a too young puppy in a junk yard.

I am also a passionate advocate for justice and peace, a struggling to be pacifist,a believer in acting “as if ” the world was as I know it can be, a sometimes cook, a traveler, a vegetarian, a learner, a rule breaker, a trainer, a lover, someone who runs to rather than away from the crisis and commotion, a reader, an organizer, a wannabe gardener, and a horrible procrastinator…..

Something I fear this new adventure in blogging will give me a new way to do…

(So, if you’re so inspired, or looking for a way to procrastinate yourself check the “posts” page or the “more powerful” page from time to time – and let me know your thinkin’ on the subjects!)

23 responses to “About Playfulspirit

  1. Now… go write a blog. I want to read something!!!! Love, jig

  2. Nice job – It looks really good

  3. Sheri-You rock!!! You know that, right??!! I can’t wait to read more. I totally got lost in your words for a while and even went to some of the links. Keep it up lady!
    Love ya, Shan!

  4. I like the addition (words that make me think)

  5. Wow this is great!! I spent an entire hour reading your journals and everything else. This is amazing!! I love it. It really make me feel connected!
    love you!!

  6. To borrow the words from my favorite movie ghost, “build it and they will come.” I knew it would be so… love you

  7. Sheri, Great idea to share ideas! I know I will be spending time here as your mind has always fasinated my mind and I would love to have them be playmates! Thanks for sharing your beautiful spirit, can’t wait to start reading and growing…..PS don’t worry about the technicalities of writing as the language of the heart transcends all vocabulary anyway!

  8. Jennifer Chessar

    Maybe you remember me…Shannon’s friend from a time and place, long ago. It was at Hyde Park, not quite a chance meeting over rare meat in a posh dining palace at a table of people barely acquainted, the last time we spoke. What a different person I was then and have since become. I used to be a girl who woul frequently open the refrigerator as I passed the kitchen. Always searching for some food item or snack to quench the nameless hunger for what I could never seem to pinpoint. My own personal euphemism for something missing in my life, most certainly love or a relatianship of sorts. (If you knew me like Shannon you would understand my affair with food and the correlation the two have.) After moving to England and back again I discovered traveling to a foreign country did nothing to answer the questions I had in life, nor fill any void, other than to assure me I knew where $200 would be going for the next decade or so (student loans). After that I must have figured Arizona may have something better in store so I packed everything up and headed out west. When it too came up short and I found myself missing home, rather than making another rash decision, I reluctantly took a job offer working for a well-known corporation. At least my bills were getting paid and I was eating, right? But I never could stomach that mindless mantra. Shortly after succumbing to the terror of a dull future in a career I felt guilty being part of, I found light at the end of Arizona’s oh-so-sunny tunnel. Amy and I started dating July of ’05 and have been the “ambiguosly gay duo” ever since. Sadly enough, in recent months I’ve found myself searching again. This time it is not the refrigerator I look to for solice, but the pantry. Like a loveless, one-sided realtionaship I was laid-off after 2 years of hardwork from El-corporate-sucko and found myself jobless and stunned right before Christmas. In a last ,ditch effort to protect my investment (house) I took yet another job with yet another life-draining company who after 5 months put me right back where I started. DO you see the pattern forming here? This was exactly 9 months ago. In the meantime I’ve been hacking away, endlessly, for a thankless beast who doesn’t even have the decency to pay taxes on me leaving…but I digress, beside which, part of wh I’m telling you all this is in direct conflict of the rant I was about to start. TEACH ME guru. I know this life means more than the million dollar homes I help greedy people enjoy. I know this and it sickens me that I feel ignorant as to how and change it. My girlfriend, Amy, was a 12 year vegan until meeting me who used to partake in “Food Not Bombs”, work in shelters on Christmas and Thanksgiving, and the list goes on. Now that I’ve corrupted her she watches reality TV, plays roller derby, and hates her job. I’m not asking to be told what to do, or expect that doing some small amount of research or volunterr work is going to changes the world. I’m asking you to help me be more informed and possibly be my catalyst for change. Part of my problem is being 90% pessimist and 10% too comfortable. 2008 is going to be a big year, it has to be! 2007 “was not a good look for me” as Amy’s niece would say. Do you have any suggestions?

    P.S. The “D” on my computer doesn’y always work and it’s midnight, soo if you see any typo’s you get the picture.

  9. Jennifer Chessar

    I apolgize. I didn’t realize how long that would turn out to be. Happy reading!

  10. Sheri,
    been thinking…i’ve been asked more and more by Catholic cirlces of conservative friends to present on topic of the spirituality of peace and justice….this has always been a difficult task for me but i accept because their door is so narrow that someone who i think could do a better job (like you) probably wouldn’t even get their foot in and i see it as an opportunity to plant seeds. I was thinking of presenting with info. on universal human rights, which would start on a ground of agreement and then gently unfold that all healthy spirituality/religions also incorporate human rights principles into their theolgy so when aprroaching peace and justice issues leave religion out of it and focus on the common ground of human rights for all. If this measurment is used it is much easier to see how both the oppressed and the oppressor lose and one doesn’t get bogged down with the baggage of religion. Then i could give examples and bring in the non-violent spirituality of Jesus Christ and share some of my personal experience related to poverty, racism, oppression etc. Please advise or share your non-christian perspective on this issue so I can develop a more effective approach to an often self-righteous, close minded audience ….. thanks! ps the reward is that there usually is someone who makes a connection and has an awakening “aha” moment.

  11. Jennifer,
    Of course I remember you! And, of course I remember that dinner – a vegetarian at a steakhouse (sounds like a bad novel or really bad reality show :-D)

    I so “get” the relationship w/ the ‘fridge. (And the chocolate, and the bread with real butter and and….) . I’m not sure how much of a resource I can be – always being a bit of a mess myself. But I do honestly believe we can make a difference, that we do make a difference and maybe we can support eachother in all that! Let’s talk more via email rather than here… or even by phone (gotta love unlimited weekend minutes! Sometimes I think I should talk from Friday night nonstop ’til Sunday evening just to be sure I’m getting my money’s worth of my always too high cell phone bill!)


  12. Hi Dorothy!
    Thanks for stopping by the site! I’m so glad you are getting these invitations! It gives me such hope! What a great opportunty for you to share your wonderful spirit!

    I imagine it can be hard and a bit draining. I know for me when I do nonviolence trainings in more “conservative” settings it is both rewarding and draining! I think you have such a great idea and such good insight as to how to proceed -starting with basic human rights.

    I’d love to talk more! Maybe after your talk in Dewitt!

    Bunches of hugs,sher

  13. Sher,
    What about….
    “I still believe in spite of everything, that people are really good at heart.” anne frank

    do you remember Goldie telling us this years ago? I think of it often—that and your phrase about the goddess yelling louder. You’re a bit closer to her than I— tell her thank you, kindly, for me, I hear her…. let’s try inside voices…
    love, jig

  14. Yep… I love that quote… use it often. Just didn’t’ put it here ‘cuz… i don’t know… maybe ‘cuz it’s more well known.

    Yep, sometimes if you’re not listening she yells louder… and sometimes she whispers.

  15. Happy Beautiful Birthday, Sheri! I heard your message and I laughed through and through… Sugar Mag indeed!

  16. Hey back… thanks for noticin’… but all is well, i’m just really really swamped. Hugs, Sher

  17. Let me begin by saying that i really like your blog playfulspirit.wordpress.com a lot
    now.. back on topic lol
    I cant say that im 100% with what you wrote… care to elaberate?

  18. Hey there. So, I posted something. I think you know, but I’m going to say it— thank you for calling and checking in with me so much these last few weeks— last two weeks in particular.

    I love you so much and am truly inspired/thankful that you are my friend.


  19. back at ya Jen!
    xoxo, sher

  20. Hello (tap.tap)–this thing on…?

    Just checking in. I’m not sure what happened but a batik fire got lite under my tail mid-week and I have two more pieces to hang tomorrow for the show that’s already up.

    I’m wondering how are you— haven’t spoken since Tuesday. Call me this weekend, k? Love you.

  21. HI.
    I know we’re both insanely busy, but this is NUTS.
    Call home, ET, call home.

  22. hi there. Know you’re busy and I know you got things to say… blog soon, please. xo

  23. Sheri
    It was knowing you were with us that gave me the courage (a first time protest peacemaker) to stand on the top steps surrounding the group who wanted to speak with Bank of America’s administration at the end of the social forum in Detroit. That was a big day for me.

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