What’s up with the wonky layout

Hello lovely readers.

Came to my blog today to find it looking wonky? Me too!  Apparently, my old “theme” layout  is no longer available on WP and another one was chosen for me. I’ve lost a few pictures (not that I had a lot), and the links to some of your wonderful blogs. I’ll prob. play around some later this week or maybe next.

Until then, this is … well, as my friend over at wildlands would say…Meh.  It’s a work in progress. Give me a few days and I’ll get something back up that I like more, but in the meantime, please excuse the construction. And (as always!0 thoughts, ideas, feedback always welcome!


2 responses to “What’s up with the wonky layout

  1. hey!! where did you get this theme?! It looks a lot like our old one. Arms crossed, give it up, Wander. Cheers, me

  2. It’s Coroline (or something like that). Still the pic. isn’t right. It is too ….squished? too… I don’t know. It cut off the bottom. And it cut off some of the quotes. (which, of course, I can not remember ) But, not much time for playin’ so it will have to do –for now.

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