The Gaza Freedom March; an open letter requesting your help

Dear Friends,

Since 2003 when MPT sent our first team to Gaza I knew one day I would be called to go. Now is that time. MPT must return, and I find myself knowing I must be a part of this team.

The people of Gaza are suffering.

Amnesty International has called the Gaza blockade a “form of collective punishment of the entire population of Gaza, a flagrant violation of Israel’s obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention.” Human Rights Watch has called the blockade a “serious violation of international law.” The United Nations Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the occupied Palestinian territory, Richard Falk, condemned Israel’s siege of Gaza as amounting to a “crime against humanity.”

As Israel defies international law and the governments of the world stand by and watch – or contribute to the suffering -it has become up to us, “mere mortal citizens”, people of conscience to end the illegal and immoral blockade. We must work together in Solidarity.

That is why this December MPT will answer the call of Palestinian civil society, joining with Palestinian leaders, Israeli peace activists and people of conscience from across the globe to break the blockade; entering Gaza and marching with Palestinians to Erez (border crossing to Israel) .

The Gaza Freedom March is inspired by decades of nonviolent Palestinian resistance. It is this Palestinian leadership that calls us to March in the spirit of Gandhi’s salt march and the countless marches for civil rights in the United States.

We, at MPT know we must go. And I know that I must be a part of this. I hope you want to be a part of it too.

Because we know we cannot do this without YOU. We need your support. We need you to be a part of this historic event. We need your voices, your prayers, and yes – your financial support.

Will you make a donation? Will you join us in this effort to do what the governments of the world will not – to uphold international law, end the siege and bring the messages of hope necessary for true justice and peace to take hold?

Please consider being a part of this work in the following ways:

* Make a financial contribution to the team. Send a check to Michigan Peace Team with “Gaza team – Sheri ” in the memo or make a contribution on line from our website (again be sure to note “Gaza team- Sheri ” in the notes)

* Host an MPT speaker at your home, congregation, or other place you may gather with your community. Pass a basket for contributions to the trip

* Pass this request on to others who you know want to be a part of ending the suffering for the people of Palestine and Israel

* And, of course, your prayer support is needed and appreciated.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

In Peace and gratitude, Sheri

PS – One of the challenges we often face as we do this work is the ecological footprint of our travels. Perhaps you might also contribute to our work by helping to off-set this. Consider walking someplace you might drive, turning down the heat, or planting a tree this spring.

For more information on Michigan Peace Team visit for more info. on the Gaza Freedom March,

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