Thanx Friend

I had a long talk with a good friend this afternoon. We were on the phone over 2 hours in spite of the fact that both of us have huge to-do lists this weekend, and giant deadlines hanging over out heads.

We had also both had long weeks. Really really long weeks.

I needed our talk. I think she did too. It was good.

We easily moved in and out of deep listening and beaming caring loving attention to one another and casual back and forth banter interrupting both ourselves and each other with “that reminds me” , “oh shit I’ve been meaning to tell you” , “the dogs just….”

Close my eyes and I could forget it was a phone we were talking over rather than the spance of the kitchen floor.

How good to have friends we can connect to in that way. I know, such an obvious statement. And yet, I think of how I take this for granted.

I knew Jen when she was a mess – I think it is okay that I write that here. Hell, she has known me when I was a mess. (And we’ll probably both be a mess again….) Point here is neither of us is a mess now – and that is both a testament to our strength as individuals and as women and to the type of friendship we have.

It is a joy to have remained connected to (or reconnect with ) friends from so many parts of my life. So many different lives- in a way. I find myself thinking about how they all know different parts of my story. And how those parts weave together. I find myself incredibly grateful.

So, dear friends – should you happen to be reading this thank you. I am because we are. And I am grateful.

2 responses to “Thanx Friend

  1. Welcome Back! It’s been a bit since you’ve posted. Hope we’ll get to hear more from you soon!

  2. thanz Zoey! Nice to know someone noticed I was gone.

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