Sometimes you get hit

It has been a busy day. Ritual Friday AM coffee followed by a long walk with the dogs, then later a friend got wonked in the face with a softball, and I had to make an ice run.
Now, I’m off to a training for AFSC. It’ll be fun. First a meeting, from which I leave to go pick up food for the training. BTB here I come. I pick up our order, and happy that all went smoothly head back to the end of the meeting/start of the training with my giant box of burritos.

That’s when things get odd. As I step out into the small parking lot I witness an accident. Simple fender bender – Woman backed up into the car behind her, which was awfully close -no one is hurt and I see no damage to either car. But, both drivers JUMP out of their cars screaming. The man in the car that she bumped angrily approaches her. Shit, I better stick around I think. He is yelling and when he is awfully close he points a finger. “Stupid ______ Bitch” he yells, inserting a racial slur to add to the injury.

Me and my box of burritos move closer. She moves to hit him. Me and my box of burritos squeeze in between them. And she hits me.

It was as if someone had stopped time. We all stand for a moment. Mouths opened and frozen. I think we were all equally surprised.

Which is funny. I know doing this I can get hit. I train people to do this. I tell them – you might get hit. Yet I find myself utterly shocked by this turn of events.

After a moment of stunned silence the woman says “ I… I hit you.” To which I reply “Yes, yes you did.”

Another moment of silence and the man says “She. Hit. You.” I resist the sudden urge to say “Well, she meant to hit you – and you deserved it.” I file this in the “unhelpful comments” file I keep in my brain and instead reply again; “yes. Yes she did.”

“I think. I think I have to go he stammers.” and quickly leaves. (All thoughts of the accident and his car apparently forgotten.) She and I stand there a moment longer – me with my big box of burritos. And she offers to get me some ice, and asks what else she can do.” She gets me ice and I assure he I will be fine.

“ I think I have to go too” she says. I almost wonder if she is okay to drive. In hindsight I think I should have insisted she sit a moment. But, by now I was just feeling the need to get the food back to the training so we both went on our way.

Sometimes you might get hit.

I’d never been hit in the face before. It hurt. But ya know.. It is okay. I am okay. I’ve was hit. And I’m okay…

No big fight in the parking lot. No one seriously hurt. No police. Violence interrupted. Sometimes you might get hit. And sometimes it is worth it.

And happily I never dropped the burritos ‘cuz they were good.


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