Annual Womyn’s day letter

An open letter to the Womyn in my life…
Here again is my “annual” Happy International Womyn’s Day letter! I am wishing you a Happy International Womyn’s Day because you are a woman who has touched my life, supported me, inspired me….
Today, womyn all over the world gather and celebrate this day. By one count there are over 956 events schedule in over 62 countries, and the day is an officiallyrecognized by the UN and marked as a  holiday in China, Armenia Azerbaijan, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.
In Uganda womyn have come together to put on a musical on behalf of all womyn suffering in Uganda.  In Mexico the sacred feminine will be honored in dance. Womyn rally in Iran and Turkey. In Egypt a group of womyn from around the world will gather and deliver humanitarian relief and gift baskets to the womyn in Gaza.
Although there will be some events in honor of this important day here in the US, it’s not celebrated as much here as the rest of the world, but I love this holiday!
For those who don’t know about this day, it started in 1908 by American Socialist women, who wanted to commemorate the deaths of over 140 women in a sweatshop. Later, in 1910 at an international Conference of Working Womyn in Copenhagen a woman named Clara Zetkin put forth the idea of an international women’s day. She proposed that every year in every country there should be a celebration on the same day – a womyn’s day – to celebrate womyn and and press for their demands. The holiday got larger as the labor movement and suffragist movement gained strength….it is also influenced by Russian women’s struggles….but more recently, West African and Indian women have made major celebrations and advancements on this day….
And so each year on this day, I take time to think of each woman who has shaped me, and I am so grateful. Some of you have gotten this letter in years past. Some of you I have only recently reconnected with and may be getting this for the first time. No matter if “you’ve heard it before” or not I want to take time out on this day to say “thank you!”
Thank you for your examples of strength and courage. Thank you for loving and accepting love. Thank you for your humor, and your wisdom. Thank you for living with authenticity and intention. Thank you for your audacity to believe this world can be a better place, and for your struggles to make it so.
In Peace with Love and Gratitude,

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