Gaza – Words fail

Several friends recently noticed it’s been a bit since I posted after posting frequently for a bit. Particularly folks wondered why I haven’t posted about Israel’s assault on Gaza.

 I can only say that I have tried.

I want to.

Words fail.

 I find myself sitting in front of the computer. I type a few words and then find myself obsessively looking at various other blogs, and the electronic intifada website, then compulsively checking facebook to see the profile and status updates of those living through this hell.  

If they have updated their status they are still alive right?

And I think of those who don’t have a facebook page or a blog. Those who have no electricity to post updates letting their loved ones know they are alive a well. I think of the young man recently adopted by my friend.   And I think of this young man’s family still in Gaza. My heart hurts when I think about how hard it must be for him not knowing if they are safe. His father is a physician and I worry about the trauma he will suffer as he scrambles without the necessary equipment and medicine to treat all those injured.

I am angry. I am sad. I am sick. 400 deaths, 2000 wounded. The majority noncombatants. How can people do this to each other? Why is so much of the world silent? How can we let this happen?

I anxiously wait for each new report and yet, I am ill equipped to speak of it myself. I haven’t the words.

Inshallah – an end to this madness. Inshallah – Justice and Peace.

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