Thankful – Updated


So my friend started this meme, posting it on her blog,  To quote: I want you to list 25 things you are thankful for sometime between now and New Years. Thanksgiving to the New Roman Year is a space of reflection and gratefulness, a time when most of us take at least a moment to count our blessings in an informal way. For me, this usually begins at Samhain, so I assume that I am not the only one ruminating on this for some time already. At the end, I will “tag” or make individual requests just to get us started, but really anyone can pick this up. Here are 25 from me. 

She didn’t “tag” me… if she had I probably wouldn’t be doing this now. It would be late Decmeber and I’d be complaining that “I just couldn’t seem to find the time to do it.”  I suspect she knows this. I suspect she will grin – and maybe even laugh – when she reads that.  Anyhow…

As I have mentioned. I do think it is important we take time to really stop and reflect on the things we are grateful for…. so, here is my list……..

1.            My wonderful partner M- in spite of hard times or maybe in part because of them we’ve built a home and a life I am thankful for.

2.            Roxy and Bella – my “kids”, my misbehaved, totally spoiled and muchly loved 4 legged kids. They get me out for daily walks, comfort me when I feel sad, and are a constant source of amusement. I can no longer imagine life without pets.

3.            Dogs in general and beyond that all the wonderful animals we share this planet with. It’s no wonder I have a knack for finding strays…

4.            The children in my life. Laughter, snuggling, reading, learning, painting, bike riding, sleding…What more do I need to say.

5.            Reconnecting with friends of old… reconnecting w/ some folks who had slipped away from my life and loving that reminder that they were never far.

6.            Friends- Close and Far. Those that I don’t have to “re”connect with because we’ve been there for each other all along. Supporting, loving, laughing, calling each other on our shit, drinking coffee talking about everything and nothing…

7.            A house with a fenced back yard. Such a joy to just be able to let the dogs out back whenever.

8.            New Friends. There have been a few join my life this year. Some connections are just tentative, others seem like we always knew each other. Both are fun and good. (Okay… I copied this directly from Stonetree, but it just resonated so…)

9.            My MPT Community. We’ve been through some tough times. We work hard together. We laugh a lot together. We drink wine together. We do what we can to make this world a little better… and I can’t think of a better group to do this with.

10.          NP – I’ve said it before, and I say it again. This is an organization, and a group of people who give me hope for this world

11.          A mother that hung the shutters, painted, wallpapered, climbed up on the roof to fix it and whose example instilled a DIY attitude and a belief that “I don’t know if I can” is NOT an excuse not to try.

12.          Music – as I type this I am listening to some great folk music by Vanessa Torres, but really most music

13.          My job –  I get paid to be with great people who genuinely care for one another, in a job that is not boring, helps people, and that I don’t “take home” with me. And it is a job for and with people who support my work outside of my job, what more can I ask for?

14.          My work –  Nonviolence training; consulting; organizing, training, supporting and serving on peace teams; creating curriculum – great people, great work and just maybe a bit of a difference for this hurting world.

15.          Coyotes – I’ve seen lots of them this year. Mama reminding me strength is in the ability to adapt.

16.          Bombadills – especially on Friday mornings. Good coffee, in a locally owned café with comfy couches, great people, and owner who keeps better track of whose turn it is to buy than my Friday AM coffee buddy and I can. Plus a staff that often has my drink made and waiting for me by the time I get to the counter – a simple gesture that leaves me feeling cared for.

17.          Living in a community with lots of independent coffee shops and great locally owned restaurants with a variety of yummy food from diverse cultural traditions.

18.          A nice long soak in a hot bath… I firmly believe it’s a cure for just about anything.

19.          Barack Obama was elected president. (I know, this one was said too… but come on President- elect Obama; what more can I say.)

20.          The opportunity to travel – and all the incredible people I’ve connected with along the way.

21.          Autumn in Michigan – oh those colors!

22.          Water – free, shared, unowned…

23.          Unexpected alone time and a good book or my journal.

24.          A new calendar, all symbolic new beginnings, and blank pages waiting for notes about upcoming adventures

25.          Long walks in a gentle rain on a warmish day

Well… that is 25…. I know I could add more, but It’s not a bad start… Who’s next? Greta? My dear friend at Wildlands?

Update: Just to add my own twist, if there are people on this list – tell them.  


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