Mysteries.. the bad and the good

The bad.

On Tuesday I went to use my credit/debit card only to find it was denied. Now… there are lots of times in my life (in fact, most often) when this would not surprise me. I tend to live pretty hand to mouth and finding my account empty is not that unusual. But, this is not one of those times. This was (you’ll note the past tense) a rare moment when I had money in the account. For me, it was even lots of money.

I went to the bank to find out why only to be told my card had been reported stolen. Odd, since I was holding it in my hand, since I am the only person on the account and since I did not report it. The woman at the bank explained it was probably just a computer error and suggested I just get a new one. So… I did … it will come in the mail in 10 days or so.

But as I was driving home I couldn’t shake feeling suspicious. Something just didn’t seem right, so I called the bank’s automated system only to find my account was at about $12.  Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. (just not much else to say at that point.) So I called the bank and found that someone had been using a card w/ my number and drained the account. My only account.  As in all my money is gone. Fuck.

Yes, yes – I know having all your money in one place is stupid. But, when all your money is usually barely enough to keep the account open – let alone pay the bills – having multiple accounts just seemed a pointless waste of time and energy. (You might again note the use of past tense… doesn’t seem so much the case now…. Ahh, good ol’ hindsight.)

The bank’s “official line” is that they will work with me and that I might get some of the money back – but they cannot guarantee all of it (or really any of it.) Fuck. (Yes, I’m saying that a lot this post. I’m saying that a lot these days.) In any case the account is “frozen” during the investigation.

Now, I’m trying not to freak out. I am trying to have faith that it will all work out. I am trying to believe that most of the money will come back to me. I am trying to remember that compared to the love and support my community has shown me in responce to this craziness even if it doesn’t come back it is not so important. Sometimes I am successful. Sometimes not so much so.

Partly, it is annoying just ‘cuz I don’t get it. The card was used as credit – not debit. And at gas stations, chuck-e-cheese, toys –r-bucks, and a local Coney Island- places you would need to swipe an actual card. Not on line purchases. But my card itself never left my possession. 

(And okay… i have to admit that someone I feel better that whoever was using it was spending money on thier kids. )

Even stranger; there are charges that the automated system noted had been made that were confirmed when I called the 1-800 bank number to make my report. Charges that when I call the stores in question they can confirm were made w/ my card number – even giving me the transaction number, what register it was purchased on etc.  — charges that must be real since the money is no longer in my account. Yet, they are not on the printout of transactions my bank gives me. The local branch (several local branches) can find no record of them.


The good

But, there is also a good mystery that I’ve been meaning to write about.  Last fall I started finding food left for me in my car. Good food. Often homemade food. Food that is absolutely things I like. I would find it almost every Monday when I would head out of work for a lunch break. Monday is the one day I work at the same location all day – and the one day I would want to have lunch. So someone knows my schedule.

I had NO idea who was leaving it. All the usual suspects swore up and down it was not them. It went on for months and I never figured it out. I felt so loved. And it was fun.

The weather got warm. It got hot. Food would not keep in my car. The food drops stopped. I thought for sure now that it was done someone would tell me. No one did.

It got cooler again. And for the last 3 weeks I have found food in my car. Little care packages left every Monday. (Monday is still the one day I work all day at Lib. Peds and still the one day I would want lunch.) 

It is a mystery. I still have NO idea. I have asked everyone. No one will fess up.  It’s making me crazy. Not in a bad way… but I really have NO idea. None.  But, each time I find lunch waiting in my car it is like a getting a big hug.

Any detectives out there with any ideas?


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