We pause this celebration for a reminder of reality…

Tue night I was elated. – out in the streets, tears and celebration, history making, hope filled – elated. Wednesday AM I got up and got on line, suddenly elation was gone –I was a mixture of heartsick, pained and generally pissed off as I read about Prop. 8 in Cali, the Florida and Arizona amendments and the Arkansas ban on “unmarried couples” adopting

I found I couldn’t hold that too long…. and went back to upbeat and happy – but now reality is sinking in again and I am trying to hold both realities, and all the conflicting emotions together and I’m not sure how to think about it, let alone write about it.

Here’s what I know…. A celebration was needed. The election of Obama was and is a big deal. It is a victory worth celebrating and I needed a celebration. There is still work to be done. A lot of work to be done. I want to do it with a sense of love and hope. Break time is over…. Let’s get busy!

3 responses to “We pause this celebration for a reminder of reality…

  1. For someone who doesn’t know how to write about it you seem to have summed it up very well. Thanks for acknowledging the good and the bad.

  2. I say everyone should go find a copy of Naomi Wolf’s book— Give Me Liberty— a revolutionaries guide

    While Obama’s victory is historic and surely will bring a new era to the US, it is time for ALL of us to stand up and go about the business of returning civil rights to ALL americans.

    I’m digging her new book— it provides rather simple guidelines to become involved in your community and how to open a dialogue with your elected representatives.

    HOWEVER, most importantly, she points out what I’ve been ranting and raving about for the last few years: our democratic system only WORKS if YOU (yes, YOU) participate in it!!!

    And as far as Obama’s victory goes… on Wednesday, the world seemed quieter, calmer, more peaceful— if only for a few hours, I walked around my neighborhood, wondering what it will be like to not have Bush as president any longer….

  3. Thanks Jen,
    Yep – democracy doesn’t stop just ‘cuz you’ve exited the polling station. We “vote” everyday by what we choose to spend our money on, get involved in etc. Sounds like I need to check out this book. I really have liked her other stuff. I grin every time I hear them say “President elect Obama” on the radio.

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