The Freedom Charter (a good idea for the US)





On June 26, 1955 the South African Freedom Charter was adopted. Have you read it? It’s a pretty awesome document.  The freedom charter says, among other things

* The people shall govern and no government can justly claim authority that is not based on the will of the people

*All shall have equal rights before the law, and enjoy equal human rights

* The people shall share in the country’s wealth and the land shall be shared among those who work it.

* There shall be work and security, Housing and comfort, that the doors of learning shall be open to all.

The charter was adopted at the Congress of the People held at Kliptown near Johannesburg.  For 2 days men, women and children read the charter, gave impromptu speeches , and adopted the charter clause by clause.  3,000 delegates representing a wide variety of groups including the Congress of Democrats,  The Indian Congress, The Coloured People’s Organization and the African National Congress (ANC) signed  by the document.

 According to the website  “The gathering was brought to a close by the arrival of a large detachment of police bearing guns in the afternoon of the second day. They took over the speakers’ platform, confiscated all the documents they could find, announced that they had reason to believe that treason was being contemplated, and took the names and addresses of all the delegates before sending them home.”

Yet in spite of brutal repression the system of Apartheid in South Africa was eventually defeated

The flame of freedom in the Freedom Charter Monument in Kliptown, in the Johannesburg metropolitan area. The flame was lit in June 2005 to commemorate the 50th anniversary (From


I think the US could use a freedom charter!






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