Nostalgia Overdrive…

I think I am in nostalgia overdrive!

I went “home” this weekend. I spent some time hangin’ out with Sam and Shannon. Sam and I have known each other since Kindergarten, and Shannon and I since 4th grade. It was great to be with them both. We all have spring birthdays and get together at least every year around that time, and keep in touch by phone and email (and occasional other visits) between. But, it had been way way too long. They are both the kind of friends I could call on for anything, and while our lives have all taken us on rather different paths we remain close. We “get” each other ya know?  I absolutely love their children and they don’t ask me when I’m gonna have children.  We commiserate, plan, reminisce, occasionally cry, philosophize, and laugh.

It’s always good.

Then I headed to Kent.

If it had been too long since visiting Bainbridge and seeing Shannon and Sam it had been even longer since seeing Kent. But, Jen was coming home and I so wanted to see her. And goddess knows I can pull off a trip to Ohio easier than to California at this point sooo….

I used to go back “home” to Kent every year for the annual May 4th commemoration. But as friends moved on and out and I got more and more involved in Michigan Peace Team and Nonviolent Peaceforce I stopped going. 

I could write that I was busy with things here or that I just don’t know folks there any more – and mostly that would be true. Yet, there has been another “true” too.  Something that I can’t quite define… but something has kept me away from Kent for years.

This is true even though I visit family and friends in Bainbridge – just ½ hour down the street – usually a couple of times each year.

But, I wanted to see Jen and the time was just right. It was time to go.

And what can I say… it was great to see Jen! We had a blast! 

And Kent? Well, to summarize (and in some ways this says it all….)  The Zephyr is a bar – with a patio in the empty lot, Brady’s is a Starbucks (but at least not leveled for a gas station), Taco Tontos is still yummy – and our house is for sale!

I’m not sure what to do with all that. But, there it is.  So…. A little time for thinking, remembering, reminiscing – and more to come later.

2 responses to “Nostalgia Overdrive…

  1. Ah, home… thank you for coming to see me. For letting me drive your car on those streets and spending time in some of our favorite places.

    I thought it would be harder. Instead, I found it easy, nearly effortless, and well, that…. shocked me…

  2. playfulspirit

    Of course I should would come see you…. and yep… I too was shocked at how easy…….

    love you

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