Happy International Women’s Day! (a letter to the women in my life)

To the Women in my life…

I am wishing you a Happy International Women’s Day because you are a woman who has touched my life, supported me, inspired me….you are woman I feel connected with because of our common work towards human rights.

Today in Kenya some of the women I met will take part in an anti-rape event; making the tremendously courageous step to come forward about their experiences and let others know they are not alone.

In Pakistan a rally in support of “formal and informal workers” will highlight the contributions of women and celebrate empowering women workers to fight for economic, social and political rights.

In Ireland women will come together to share traditional dance, In Sri Lanka women will come together in an event in Solidarity with women prisoners, Iraqi women celebrated breakfast together, Israeli and Palestinian women came together in protest over the attacks on Gaza.

Events have been or will also be held in over 52 countries including: Saudi Arabia, Bosnia, Sudan, Canada, Albania, Lebanon, China, Fiji, and Iceland.
Although there will be some events in the US, it’s not celebrated as much here as the rest of the world, but I love this holiday!

It started in 1908 by American Socialist women, who wanted to commemorate the deaths of over 140 women in a sweatshop…. it got larger as the labor movement and suffragist movement gained strength….the holiday is also influenced by Russian women’s struggles….but more recently, West African and Indian women have made major celebrations and advancements on this day….

And so today, I take time to think of each woman today who has shaped me, and I am so grateful.

Thank you for your examples of strength and courage. Thank you for loving and accepting love. Thank you for your humor, and your wisdom. Thank you for your audacity to believe this world can be a better place, and for your struggles to make it so.

In Peace with Love and Gratitude,

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