Getting Started

Getting started…. the first post…. AGG. Why does that seem so overwhelming? Anyone who knows me knows I have lots to say about anything and everything…. probably too much on most topics.  Not being one who is lacking in opinions.I guess its 2 things really; one is that whole “putting yourself out there” thing.  There is that constant self doubt. The other is that in spite of my friend’s urging for me to do this for some time now (yes Amy and Jen…especially the 2 of you) it seems a bit presumptuous and self important. I find myself questioning “why do I think anyone might be interested in what I have to say?”But, I’m the person who jumps in the pool and then realizes it’s cold – not the go down the steps enter slowly type at all. Usually the best way to get started is just to start, so now – I have “officially” started.  A work in progress, needs work… but then again don’t we all?

2 responses to “Getting Started

  1. blogging can be presumptuous or self important—you are correct. it can also provide release for our thoughts so that we don’t lay in bed tossing and turning, spinning phrases in our heads, loosing sleep.

    For me, it has done this— and wasn’t it you one all those years ago to tell a 19 year old that of all things, she should find her voice? Hmmm… i think it was.

    Look forward to reading more. Feel free to go and swipe those posts I put out on my page for you. Love, jig

  2. thanks jen – for everything. you are wondeful and i am sure i will ramble on once i get started.

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